Where Can I Buy Second Hand Filing Cabinets?

Whether you work in an office space in the city or work from home in your own, personally created office space corner, we guarantee your business will generate paperwork. It doesn’t matter how ‘green’ you attempt to be, there will always be paperwork of some sort. So what do you do with said paperwork? You file it of course. So many offices, be it large corporations or start-ups choose to purchase brand new filing cabinets. More often than not, they find themselves surprised at the cost. Filing cabinets can cost hundreds of pounds, especially when you’re looking at a quality manufacturer and secure locking. Thankfully, brand new isn’t the only option out there.


A Wide Selection Of Filing Cabinets

Here at 484 Office Furniture, we buy and supply a range of second hand storage & filing cabinets. We source from a number of regular suppliers in and out of London. We also source from one-off suppliers who may have found their business closing or simply want to redecorate their office to represent their new branding. For whatever the reason, here at 484 Office Furniture, we find ourselves with a wide variety of office furniture, including a myriad of second hand filing cabinets on a regular basis. More often than not, they all appear to be in amazing condition, with some pieces just a few months old. We even boast cabinets, which have never been used.

Second Hand Filing Cabinets To Suit Everyone

Having such an array of supplier’s means we find ourselves with a huge variety in terms of stock. From tall filing cabinets to under desk filing cabinets, some with locking mechanisms, others without. From four drawers to two drawers, you name it, we have it in stock.

Our filing cabinets are currently divided into two different categories; four drawer filing cabinets and two drawer filing cabinets. Within our four-drawer filing cabinet category we have a range of new and used filing cabinets available. With colours ranging from grey to cream and brown, we have something to match every office. They also range in prices, which provides options for everyone no matter what budget you have or what style you’re looking for. Within our two-drawer filing cabinet category we currently boast a brand new Silverline Economy filing cabinet. This is ideal for under the desk, ensuring all space is utilised as much as possible. Perfect for smaller offices in the city or even your home office. This particular filing cabinet also boasts a locking mechanism making it ideal for secure files.


Second Hand Filing Cabinets To Suit Everyone

Here at 484 Office Furniture, our range is always changing. We receive different stock continually which means even if you can’t find what you’re looking for online, we’ll more than likely find it in subsequent searches. For more information on the second hand filing cabinets we have in stock or to let us know if you’re looking for something else, simply contact us today on 01473713336.