We Sell Second Hand Silverline Furniture!

If you’ve ever heard of Silverline furniture, you’ll know just how incredible the brand is. If you haven’t, then allow us to explain. The Silverline brand has been around for over 30 years here in the UK. Silverline aren’t just contenders within the office storage  furniture industry, they’re leaders.

Durable Second Hand Filing Cabinets

They’ve spent time and money continually reinvesting to not only ensure they come out on top but to continue changing the working environment for the better.

They’ve created furniture that’s sensible yet secure, adaptable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, all at the same time. Their designs are there to enhance every single working environment and are created with the future in mind.

Why Silverline Filing Cabinets Are The Best

The lifespan of their products only highlight the quality with which they’re manufactured and their multi-functional capabilities make them all the more popular. Silverline filing cabinets are known for taking time to fully understand the market, grabbing hold of new trends and making them their own, offering and in most cases, creating cutting edge solutions and designs that take the industry by storm each and every time.

With all this and of course, their incredible first class service, they’ve gained an amazing reputation for innovation, value and dependability.

High Quality Second Hand Office Furniture

With that in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we sell second-hand Silverline furniture. Our Silverline filing cabinets are of the highest quality possible and because they’re second hand filing cabinets, their prices are even more phenomenal than you would believe.

Silverline Filing Cabinets

Here at 484 Office Furniture, we’ve gained numerous contacts over the years. These contacts have become regular sellers of second hand furniture and in turn, have become regular sellers of second hand Silverline furniture. Whether they’re redecorating their office once again, (something companies do regularly to keep on top of current trends) or are simply relocating/closing their office, the turnover of office furniture is often great. They realise they can sell their second hand furniture to us and spend the money they make on their next office refit.

Second Hand Furniture

By gaining the furniture second hand, we’re able to negotiate some incredible prices, which we then pass on to you. This means you get the opportunity to buy high quality Silverline filing cabinets for a fraction of their usual price. Not only are you enjoying the quality of this industry-leading brand, but you’re also enjoying it at a much lower price than most.

Contact Us Today

We currently have a range of Silverline filing cabinets available from low level filing cabinets to regular two and four drawer filing cabinets. We even stock tall filing cabinets for those wanting the ultimate storage solution. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, you can contact us to let us know and we’ll do our best to source the particular type of cabinet you’re looking for. If you’d like more information on our second hand Silverline office furniture, simply contact us today on 01473 713336.