Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture is a cost effective solution to populating an office with furniture. The benefit of used office furniture is that it can be purchased at a much lower cost whilst retaining high quality.

At 484 Office Furniture, we sell high quality second hand furniture at a fraction of the normal price. Moreover, we provide nationwide delivery to our clients and can even install your furniture for you. This makes our service easy and hassle free.

We stock a wide assortment of used office furniture. Our extensive catalogue of used office furniture ranges from office desks to office storage units. With immediate delivery, our used office furniture is high in demand.


Second hand or used office furniture is an inexpensive office solution for businesses. At 484 Office Furniture, we refurbish and sell used office furniture once it is restored back to top condition. Whether you require a whole office setup or maybe just a few chairs, we have you covered.

Do you have old office furniture that you wish to get rid of? Did you know that we buy used office furniture at great prices? Save yourself time and earn money from your old office furniture. Furthermore, by supplying us with office furniture, you save yourself the hassle of disposing of the furniture yourself. We collect office furniture from your location and offer fair and considerate rates.


By purchasing used office furniture, you contribute your efforts to saving the planet. The use of recycled office furniture is beneficial to the planet as it reduces the demand to produce new furniture. A decreased demand for new furniture equates to less energy and resources used. Furthermore, by purchasing used furniture, you reduce carbon emissions whilst benefiting from high quality used or refurbished furniture. A reduce in carbon emissions can help prevent global warming as well as save wildlife, land and also the quality of air that we breath.


In the UK, there has been increased levels of used furniture. This is due to businesses being faced with economic problems, which has forced many to downsize or go out of business entirely. Whilst this is upsetting, it means that more offices are being cleared out of next to brand new furniture. This has meant that the quality of used office furniture is higher than it has ever been. Therefore, many businesses are benefiting from purchasing affordable used office furniture. By purchasing affordable used office furniture, a business is able to save essential funds. These extra savings can be reinvested into the business, which encourages growth. This is a reason why small to midsize businesses are able to flourish.

On our website, you can find a whole range of used office furniture. At 484 furniture, we sell high quality used office desks, chairs, storage units, tables, safes and other office essentials.

Whether you need a boardroom table, office chair or even a coffee table, we have you covered. Our extensive range of high quality used office furniture.