Types Of Second Hand Office Chairs

Office chairs are the staple of any office space. Whether you’re looking at a waiting room, a meeting room or a space filled with desks, office chairs will undoubtedly fill your view. What’s more, due to the ever-changing facilities within any given office space, the need for different chairs is very much there. Here at 484 Office Furniture, we offer a range of second hand office furniture, including second hand office chairs to ensure your every need is covered. Three categories we focus on in particular are Operator Chairs, Executive Meeting Chairs and Meeting Chairs. Each category of office chair provides its own use; so what’s the difference?

Second Hand Office Chairs: What’s The Difference?

 Second Hand Operator Chairs 

Operator chairs, otherwise known as desk chairs or office chairs are designed for use at a desk. They usually provide a swivel function and possess a set of wheels for added mobility. They also usually offer adjustable height. More often than not, they possess a singular, load bearing leg positioned directly under the chair itself, which then spreads out into multiple feet, each having its own caster. Our range of second hand operator chairs offer quality and affordability as we select only the best office furniture for you to choose from.

Executive Meeting Chairs

Our second hand executive chairs are the perfect choice for those looking for a chair that packs a punch. Executive meeting chairs offer great comfort and look as stylish as they feel. These are usually used in personal offices and meeting rooms as they’re more generously sized. These are on the higher end of the scale, usually covered in quality leather. Designed to promote added air flow and immense comfort, whether you choose leather or fabric, these chairs ooze professionalism and success for those wanting superior comfort and style.

Meeting Chairs

It’s easy to confuse the term second hand meeting chairs with executive chairs but they’re actually very different. When you think of meeting chairs, think of the chairs you would normally see dotted around your conference room table. We offer a range of meeting chairs; choosing the right style for your space however, is down to you. Meeting chairs are usually covered in leather or fabric and offer a lightweight manoeuvrability. They also offer greater comfort and stability in order to support the user through long, arduous meetings.

Office Furniture In Ipswich And Norfolk

Whether you’re looking for office furniture in Norfolk or Ipswich, here at 484 Office Furniture, we have you covered. From second hand reception seating to executive seating for your entire office space; you can rest assured that our second office furniture is not only quality but incredibly well priced too. For more information on what we have available, simply browse our selection of office seating today.