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Welcome to 484 Office Furniture, one of the largest suppliers in the UK of used office furniture. We stock a huge variety of office supplies, from filing cabinets and corner desks to reception seating and of course, the timeless rectangular tables that every office needs. Whether you use it as a meeting room table or a large desk space, our rectangular tables are always of the highest quality, manufactured from the very best materials around.

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Variety Of Rectangular Tables

What’s more, because we source them from other offices, whom have decided they no longer need them, we can then supply them to you at a fraction of the cost. This means that despite your budget, you never have to compromise on style or quality and with our extensive range of stock, we’re guaranteed to have something to suit.

Benefits Of Second Hand Rectangular Tables

Opting for second hand office furniture isn’t just kinder on your wallet though, there also happens to be a much deeper benefit to selecting used and that’s the fact that it’s much kinder to our planet too. Our world has become a haven for the throw-away culture that we see all around us and as such, our landfills are quite literally bursting at the seams.

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With a little recycling however, whether it’s paper or of course, rectangular tables, we can all do our bit to change things around and make the world a much nicer, safer place for the next generation. Give your company that green stamp of approval for being environmentally friendly and save money at the same time with second hand office furniture from 484 Office Furniture suppliers.