New & Used Folding Tables

Folding tables, they’re the saving grace of many an office. Let’s face it, whether you’re working in the city, the suburbs or even your own home, space can and always will be an issue. We can never get enough of it and while a huge boardroom table may be perfect for weekly meetings with clients and the team, having it remain there, taking up such a huge amount of space may not be so…well, perfect.

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Benefits Of A Folding Table

That’s where our second hand folding tables come in so handy. Not only do you get the benefit of having a large surface area as and when you need it, you also get the added benefit of being able to reduce it in size and fold it away when needed to. Giving you and your team the space to carry on working as normal.

High Quality Office Furniture

Before you recoil at the sound of the term second-hand however, allow us to explain a little further. Here at 484 Office Furniture, we don’t supply just any old furniture to offices in the UK. We go in search of the finest quality office furniture and before taking it back to our stockroom to store, ready to purchase, we ensure it meets a very high level of criteria.

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Should it need refurbishing, our in-house team of experts will be only too happy to tend to it, making sure it not only looks as good as new, but works as good as new too. This means you get to enjoy the highest quality furniture at unbeatable prices, with the added benefit of knowing you’re helping to ease the burden of waste on our wonderful planet by recycling. For more information on our selection of second hand folding tables, simply contact us today.