Office Second Hand Tambour Cabinets Ipswich

Tambour cabinets can bring a very modern and sophisticated feel to any office. With their fold away doors being one of their most unique features, they are a great piece of furniture for offices that are lacking space.

Popularity Of Tambour Cupboards

Tambour cupboards are growing in popularity. At 484 we stock them a lot cheaper than most places due to the fact most of them are second hand. But this doesn’t mean the quality is cheap. In fact most of the furniture we stock originally comes from trusted, high end retailers- So you are in fact purchasing quality pieces of furniture for nearly half of its original price.

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Variety Of Tambour Cupboards

On our website we have a wide variety of tambour cabinets. Not only do they come in a variation of sizes but they also come in a variety of colours. We stock wide grey tambour cupboards, light oak tambour cupboards, maple tambour cupboards and many other different styles – because we want there to be a unit to match everyones interior tastes.

Other Office Storage Furniture

If these units are not quite what your looking for then be sure to check out some of the other furniture we stock. We don’t just stock office storage furniture either, we also sell desk chairs, meeting tables and office desks too.