Variety Of Second Hand Tall Storage Units Available

Office storage, it’s one of the biggest outlays for most companies yet it seems no matter how much we buy, we never seem to have enough so if there were an opportunity to purchase high quality tall storage for your office space without having to spend a huge amount, would you be interested? We thought you would.

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High Quality Tall Storage Units

Here at 484 Office Furniture, we supply high-quality, well-manufactured used tall storage to offices up and down the country. Whether you’re working from home in your personal office or working in an office building in the city, we have a wide variety of tall storage to suit and what’s more, it’s all at unbeatable prices.

Sourced In The UK

How do we know it’s such great quality? Because we only source it from the very best suppliers of course. Having been involved within the office furniture industry for a number of years, we’ve managed to create quite the list of regular suppliers. These suppliers purchase the finest office furniture and use for anything from a few months to a few years, ensuring it’s maintained to perfection.