Buying Second Hand Safes

Safes can be quite a hefty financial investment for some companies – especially if they are a small or new company.

However we understand that for some companies safes are a vital piece of equipment and you can’t avoid investing in them. However at 484 we are all about finding solutions to your financial burdens.

Buying second hand furniture can be a very efficient way to save your business money, especially when most things are very expensive to buy brand new – you can save nearly half the amount of money you would have spent in the first place.

Different Types Of Safes

We stock a wide range of safes here at 484 – we sell ones that lock with a key and ones that lock with a combination code. So whatever locking method you prefer, you will be able to find one here on our website.

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Why Buy Second Hand Furniture

At 484 Office Furniture, we specialise in refurbishing and reselling used office furniture. We believe that is it a great solution for businesses on a budget. But just because it’s second hand, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. All of the furniture we refurbish goes through a quality check process to ensure it meets our standards before we even sell it.

Other Office Furniture

Maybe your looking for some other furniture? Well you’ll be pleased to know we stock more than just safes and lockers. We also stock things like office chairs, storage units and desks too.