As a company it is important that your employees feel safe and have a secure place to lock away their belongings. Metal lockers are a great solution to this as they are perfect for storing your employees property in and keeping it secure.

Why Buy Second Hand Metal Lockers

By having lockers featured in your work place, it can lower the risk of any negative incidences happening. For instance it reduces the chance of theft happening within your company as all valuable items are locked away safely. Because of this, it can install a sense of security and safety within the company’s atmosphere.

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The Variety Of Metal Lockers We Sell

Here at 484, we stock a wide variety of different colours and designs. Whether you want red to match your companies brand image or blue to match the interiors of your office, we have so many to choose from.

The Benefits of Buying Metal Lockers

The most common style of lockers we stock at 484 is the ‘tower’ shaped lockers. This is a great form as it means they don’t take up much floor space – keeping your office looking clean and minimal.

Another benefit of these metal lockers is the fact they lock with a key and not a code. This means the person with the key can be fully responsible for the goods inside the locker.

Other Office Furniture

Are you looking for more furniture. You will be pleased to know that we also sell other office essentials too. From desk chairs to desks to bookcases, we stock it all!