New & Second Hand Storage Lockers

Security within the workplace is paramount. Whether it’s personal belongings for your staff or confidential filing that needs to be locked away under the data protection act, having safe and secure storage is a basic requirement yet one that seems to cost the earth.

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Wide Selection Of Storage Lockers

With 484 Office Furniture however, it needn’t cost you as much as you think and it’s all thanks to our supply of quality second hand lockers. That’s right, here at 484, we have a fantastic stock of second hand lockers that don’t just look as good as new, but they are as good as new. Offices up and down the country every day change their interiors and with that, change their office furniture.

Buy Refurbished Storage Lockers Here

This quality office furniture, that’s more often not set them back quite an amount would usually get discarded but with 484, it gets recycled, refurbished if needed and sold at a more affordable price. It means those with much tighter budgets get to enjoy the quality and style of high-end pieces without having to go over-budget. Our second hand lockers have all been put through a strict quality control process to ensure they’re all in fantastic working order and look great, in fact you’d never know they were ever pre-owned but don’t just take our word for it.

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Contact us today and check out the stock we have available. See what catches your eye and if you’re still struggling to pick, simply ask a member of staff for layout advice. We’ll work to your office space and budget to ensure you’re fully kitted out with everything you could need.