Second Hand Four Drawer Filing Cabinets

Four drawer filing cabinets are the perfect solution for offices who generate a large quantity of paperwork. They give businesses the ability to organise all their paperwork into separate drawers.

Wide Selection Of Four Drawer Filing Cabinets

With generous, deep drawers, you can easily file documentation that is roughly around A4 size. So if your looking for a storage unit to keep business contracts and admin documents in, then one of these four drawer filing cabinets could be what you are looking for.

As well as that, most of the filing cabinets we sell come with a lock and key. This means you can keep all of your private and confidential paperwork safe and secure.

Get Your Office Organised

Inside the draws you can also add in dividers which will make categorising and sorting our your paperwork so much easier.

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Keeping organised and on top of paperwork can greatly improve how your business functions. By purchasing a filing cabinet for your office, you are almost guaranteed to improve the efficiency of how your business runs.

Second Hand Filing Cabinets

As you know, most of the furniture featured on our website is second hand. At 484 we often buy old office furniture from companies when it is no longer needed and refurbish it to look brand new again. More often than not the furniture we sell originates from high end, well known manufactures – meaning you are buying a name you trust for a reasonable price!

Office Clearance Services

If you are interested in finding out more about this process or need someone to come and pick up your old office furniture then check out our page Office Clearance.