Quality New & Second Hand Filing Cabinets

Does your office generate a huge amount of paperwork, leading your office to look unorganised and messy? Then a high quality filing cabinet could be the perfect addition to your office space, solving the problem of storage for said paperwork and keeping your office space tidy, organised and looking as it should.

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Wide Range Of Filing Cabinets

Here at 484 Office Furniture, we have a wide range of second hand filing cabinets available, that means you get to enjoy quality office furniture at more affordable prices. Whether you have a small single office space, or occupy an entire floor or even building, here at 484, thanks to acquiring a huge list of contacts and suppliers, we have the stock to ensure your office space is catered to each and every time.

High Standards & Quality Assured

Our second hand filing cabinets are put through strict quality controls to ensure they not only look great but are made of great quality too. This means, even when you’re on a budget, you don’t have to settle for lower-end furniture. Whether you work from home or not, a second filing cabinet could be just what you need and with such a huge range of stock continually making its way to 484 Office Furniture, no matter what type of filing cabinet you’re looking for, we have something to suit.

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For more information on the second hand office furniture we have available or perhaps how we can help you dispose of your current office furniture in a more environmentally friendly manner, simply contact us today. We’ll be only too happy to help you, help others.