Quality Selection Of Second Hand Bookcases

From media companies to publishing houses, offices all across the UK find themselves in need of bookcases but what they don’t need…the hefty price tag that often comes with it. That’s why here at 484 Office Furniture, we’ve created the perfect solution in the form of the second hand bookcase. Now before you fill your head with images of tattered old furniture and dated pieces, allow us to explain just how far from that image the reality actually is.

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Modern Bookcases Available

At 484, we discovered a worrying trend within the office industry. The pressure to move with the times and ensure things are looking great is huge and all too often means offices updating their furniture as often as every year. This meant that office furniture UK wide was being thrown out, placed on the scrap heap despite barely being used.

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With such a throw away culture already taking hold of our country, we decided it was time to do something about it that would benefit those ridding their office space of perfectly good furniture and those in search of quality furniture at lower prices. That’s when we decided to start buying the quality furniture that was no longer needed and recycle it to those who did need it.

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This has meant us finding ourselves in a constant supply of quality office furniture that we’re able to pass on at unbeatable prices. To ensure you receive quality pieces however, we ensure all of the furniture we collect, or find ourselves in receipt of has passed a very strict quality control. So if you’re looking for a high-end second hand bookcase without the usual hefty price tag, contact 484 Office Furniture today where we’ll be only too happy to help.