Selection Of Second Hand Office Storage

Office storage, no matter how much you buy, you always need more. This is especially true for growing businesses. Whether you’re simply looking for storage of filing, storage of products or even storage to display awards and certificates.

The cost can add up hugely and with the budgets for office furniture already often being pushed to their very limits, affording the storage you need can and does become difficult. Thankfully, here at 484 Office Furniture, we have the perfect solution for you in the form of second hand office storage.

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Save The Environment With Second hand Office Storage

Second hand office furniture is becoming more and more popular of late as people realise that not only does second hand now mean quality furniture but it also means quality furniture at fantastic prices. All too often, office spaces in cities and suburbs alike throw out perfectly good, or in most cases, next to new office furniture in order to create space for new pieces or as a result of closing down. Not only do these companies have to fork out a disposal fee but they also find themselves adding to our already overfilled landfills.

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With 484 Office Furniture however, these companies instead pass on great quality furniture to those who can actually use it and in doing so, earn a little cash back toward their new furniture. The second hand furniture they pass on is then refurbished by our in-house team to ensure it looks sparkling new and then sold at a fraction of it’s RRP to those who want quality office storage with a smaller price tag. It really is as simple as it sounds. For more information, simply contact us today at 484 Office Furniture, the UK’s number one office furniture recycler.