Variety Of Second Hand Meeting Room Chairs

Meetings are an every day occurrence of office life. Whether it’s a one to one meeting in private to discuss current tasks and performance or it’s a meeting with a potential client, you not only want your meeting room to look good, but you want it to feel good too and with quality manufactured furniture, a “quality” price tag usually accompanies it. Here at 484 we can supply and fit your whole office ranging from office seating and including office storage.

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Wide Stock Of Office Furniture

Thankfully here at 484 Office Furniture, we have the perfect solution in the form of second hand office furniture. Our second hand office furniture offers everything from meeting room tables and even meeting chairs. From the basic meeting chair to the more luxury meeting chair, we have an array of furniture that’s not only high quality but comes at a fraction of the cost too.

High Quality Meeting Chairs

While some may shy away when they hear the term second hand, we’re here to tell you that second hand office furniture offers you so much more than you realise. Firstly, all of the recycled office furniture we sell goes through a strict quality control process to ensure it not only looks the part but stands up to the job it’s intended for.

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This means you get to enjoy the quality of brand new office furniture at second hand prices. Whether you’re looking for one off pieces or enough to fill an entire office building, we have just what you’re looking for. Contact us at 484 Office Furniture today.