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Executive chairs are the perfect choice for those wanting to combine absolute comfort with luxury and style. Not only do executive chairs look the part but they’re often the preferred choice amongst company directors and other executives and for good reason too. Combined with a decent office desk or office table you will look the part.

Often being made of leather, executive chairs possess a number of ergonomic features so they feel just as good as they look and with this, comes a hefty price tag but here at 484 Office Furniture, we can help you enjoy the comfort of an executive chair at the price of a basic office chair. Don’t believe us? Then listen up

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Quality Refurbished Office Furniture

At 484, we saw a problem within the office industry and that problem surrounded the needless discarding of perfectly good office furniture. We saw quality furniture being thrown out on a daily basis, up and down the country. This furniture was almost brand new, yet left to fill our already overflowing landfills.

On the other end of the scale, we witnessed start-up companies and small businesses having to sacrifice quality and comfort of their employees simply to save money. That’s when we discovered the perfect solution; recycling and refurbishing second hand office furniture to not only stop this “throw away” culture but also help those looking for quality furniture who may not possess the budget to do so.

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By opting for a quality second hand executive chair, you get to enjoy the great adjustability such as tilt and lock systems, luxury leather comfort and high quality casters that allow for ease of movement, at a fraction of the original RRP.

What’s more, you also get the added benefit of knowing you’re helping to lessen the pressure on our world’s landfills. It really doesn’t get much better than that. For more information or to find out about our current stock available, simply contact us today.