Variety Of Second Hand Office Benches

Whether you’re looking to provide a seating area within a waiting room or perhaps even multiple seating in a canteen area, there’s nothing quite like an office bench to do the trick. With the vast majority being of a modular design, office benches are easy to push together and create areas of seating for any number of people in any number of shapes and configurations, not to mention the fact that they get people sitting together and talking.

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Various Office Bench Sizes

With office benches taking such a hike in popularity thanks to the recent love of “warehouse” style furniture, they can often be pretty pricey but at 484 Office Furniture, we have the perfect solution; second hand office furniture. Here at 484, we recycle office furniture of all kinds, including an array of office benches from offices all over the UK who may be closing or renovating and no longer need the quality furniture they’ve been using.

Quality Assured On All Office Benches

Not only do we recycle, but after quality-testing the furniture, we refurbish them too to ensure they’re looking as good as new. This means you get the high-end office benches you’ve been wanting at much lower end prices and you get the added benefit of giving your company, office or even home that “green” stamp of approval. What more could you want in office furniture?

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For more information on our Second Hand Office Benches or any of the other recycled office furniture, simply contact us today. We’ll be only too happy to show what we have in stock and help you pick the best option for your desired layout.