Quality Second Hand Office Desks

The office desk, it’s the location of many a magical occurrence and when a piece of furniture is at the very centre of such important events, it’s no surprise that its quality has an effect on the person sitting at it. As anyone knows however, buying quality office furniture comes at a price. Thankfully, here at 484 Office Furniture, we have a fantastic supply of second hand office desks that offer you the best of both worlds.

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All Office Desks As Good As New!

When most hear the words second hand, images of chipped and scuffed furniture often spring to mind but with 484, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our keen eye for recycling has led us to source from some of the highest quality suppliers in the UK, sometimes sourcing the finest furniture made in Europe that may only be a few months old. This means you get to enjoy next to new office desks at a fraction of the original RRP.

Various Office Desks Stocked

From operator chairs to space saving interlinking desks for spaces housing multiple staff, we have a wide range of furniture for you to enjoy and enjoy you will, especially when it comes with a “green” stamp of approval. By opting for second hand office desks, you aren’t just saving money, you’re choosing to spare our already overloaded landfills of yet more furniture by recycling and let’s face it, that’s never a bad thing.

Contact 484 For Quality Office Desks

If you’d like more information on our range of desks available, simply contact us today. We’ll be only too happy to take you through our current stock and even help you select the best pieces for the space you have.