Office Clearances With 484 Office Furniture

Whether you’re going through an office remodel or leaving your current premises, clearing the office of the office furniture can and often does present you with a hefty bill. From a small office to an entire building, commercial office clearances not only cost money but cost you time too. It’s a headache that no office manager needs and thankfully, here at 484 Office Furniture, one that we can help you with.

Whether you’re looking to clear office space in the middle of London, or the deepest depths of Devon, our nationwide office clearance services have you covered. Unlike traditional forms of bulky waste disposal, whether it’s a skip or a hired van, here at 484 Office Furniture, we do all of the heavy lifting for you. Instead of spending your time and efforts removing the furniture, and paying for the privilege, we’ll do it all for you.

We know that clearing an office is hard work but with the help of our highly trained staff, we’ll work out a plan to carry out your office clearance as efficiently as possible. Whether you’re looking to clear one small office or an entire floor, we have the people power to make it happen with ease. Then all you need to do is decide what to do with all that free time.

Office Clearance Made Easy

Saving you on the heavy lifting isn’t the only bonus when using our office clearance services. You might also make a few pounds back too. Here at 484, we’ve been supplying second hand office furniture to companies up and down the UK for the last 18 years. We know that people want quality furniture without the huge price tag and that’s exactly where we come in.

Simply forgo the cost of furniture disposal and instead have our fantastic team collect it and pay you for the privilege. Not only do you get to make a little cash toward your next furniture purchase, but you also get the peace of mind knowing your office furniture is being recycled. That means a reduced carbon footprint for you, a quality many look for when selecting a company to work with.

Here at 484 Office Furniture, we pride ourselves on providing high quality second hand office furniture and to do so, we need people like you. So if you’re looking to clear the furniture from your current office space, instead of calling your local skip company, call 484 today and see just how you could benefit. Our office clearances could be the ideal solution, saving you time and money in the process. Call 01473 713336 today and take full advantage of our love of recycling.

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