Metal Storage Cabinets Vs Wooden Cabinets?

It doesn’t seem to matter how much paperwork and documentation you produce, you’re always going to need multiple storage cabinets and filing cabinets. Whether you have an at-home office or span five floors of an office block in the centre of London, filing cabinets are a necessity of any office. From tall filing cabinets to under desk filing cabinets, the options are endless but practicality of size aside, you’ll also need to consider the difference between the materials they’re made from. Do you want wooden filing cabinets, or do you want metal filing cabinets? Which is the right type of filing cabinet for you?

Filing Cabinets – Metal Or Wooden?

Here we’re going to take a look at three important factors that everyone looking at filing cabinets must consider. We’re going to look at the pros and cons of both and hopefully by the end of the article, make it a much clearer choice for you.

Durable Office Cabinets

Before choosing the right type of cabinet for you, you should first consider the weight of the items you’ll be putting in there. If it’s simple paper documents then a wooden cabinet would be fine. If, however, you’re looking at large, heavy folders then you may find a wooden cabinet proves more vulnerable to damage from the excessive weight. Metal cabinets will often prove to be much stronger and for this reason, they may last longer too.


If you’d like to modify your filing cabinets in future, this could be a very important factor. When it comes to modifications, the possibilities are far greater with wooden filing cabinets. Whether you choose to simply paint over the current finish or really go to town with sanding down, painting, varnishing or staining, you’ll find a wooden filing cabinet much more open to change should we say. Metal filing cabinets, while not impossible, will require a more specialised approach requiring surface treatments. This would likely cost you a lot more. For this reason, wooden filing cabinets would prove more popular.


Overall, wooden office cabinets require more maintenance as the wooden structure finds itself more vulnerable to splits and cracks when compared with a metal cabinet. Despite this however, wooden cabinets are usually far easier to repair. If a metal cabinet does find itself in need of repair (very rarely), it’s usually something simple such as rust proofing as opposed to the actual structure itself splitting or cracking.

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As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to each. Making a final decision however, simply requires you deciding on what’s best for you individually. If you were looking for something easy to maintain then a metal cabinet would be favourable for the simple fact that metal tends to last longer. If you were looking for something that you could customise to match the rest of your office however, a wooden cabinet would be a better choice.

Here at 484 Office Furniture, we have a wide variety of filing cabinets available for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for metal or wood, we have something for everyone. Take a look and find your perfect office addition today.