5 Reasons To Buy Used Office Furniture

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Moved into a new office space? Or perhaps want to revamp your current set up? Then you’ll know only too well that kitting out an office space with the necessary furniture is nothing short of incredibly costly. If you’re a start-up company, the impact of such costs can have even more magnitude yet choosing the right office furniture is even more essential. The term “between a rock and hard place” springs to mind, or does it? Here at 484 Office Furniture, we know the importance of the right furniture, just as we know the importance of a budget. That’s why we buy and sell used office furniture.

A Wide Range Of Second Hand Office Furniture

From used office desks to used office chairs, we have an array of pieces available. For those who may have never considered used office furniture, we want to share with you the 5 top reasons to buy used office furniture in Norfolk, Ipswich and beyond.

5 Reasons To Buy Used Office Furniture In Norfolk

1.  It’s Affordable – whether you’re looking for used office storage or a range of used office furniture in Ipswich and beyond, you can bet it’s far more affordable than buying brand new. It’s also worth noting that more often than not, perfectly good office furniture just a few months old, some even barely used is discarded due to office closures and refurbishments. That means that high-end furniture could be yours for a fraction of the cost.

2. Help Your Planet – with so much being thrown out to landfill, recycling is the best option by far. Not only does it prevent even more being thrown on our overflowing landfills, but it also prevents unnecessary use of key resources and fuels in the creation of new furniture. Buying second hand is the most eco-friendly option and in today’s society, what business doesn’t want to choose the ‘green’ option?

3. Customise, Customise, Customise – branding is so important but it doesn’t just stop at pens and mouse pads. Customising furniture however, is an added cost that many simply don’t have the spare cash for. With a much lower outlay on second hand furniture however, you automatically free up an amount within your budget to pay for the customisation you require. It may be second hand, but it’ll be customised to represent your branding, looking nothing short of bespoke in your office space.

4. Get It Quick – with a lot of furniture stores, you’ll often find yourself having to endure a number of weeks wait for delivery. Buying from someone like us however, means you get what you want, when you want it. In most cases, we have exactly what you want waiting in our storage facilities which means it’s simply a case of collecting the furniture yourself or having us deliver it to you at a time that’s most convenient.

5. You Can Always Haggle – who doesn’t love a good haggle? Our furniture is second hand and therefore has no fixed RRP. If you’re buying in bulk then it’s well worth asking what price you could pay if you buy a certain amount from us. As they say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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